U2 SSSR Print

CIA Operation Grand Slam 1.5.1960 8:46

Sestřel U2 SAM systémem SA-75 Dvina.




3D after action report ve formátu GPX je možno stáhnout zde.


After action report:

08:46 1st of May 1960
CIA Operation Grand Slam.

SA-75M Dvina

00:00:42, SNR ON AIR

00:02:00, V-750VU 11DU Missile launched on Channel-1
Target distance: 36km
Target azimuth: 217°
Target elevation: 33°
Target altitude: 20,2km
SNR mode: 110km
Missile guidance method: UPR (Half Lead)

00:02:44, Missile exploded on Channel-1
U-2C Article-360 piloted by Francis Gary Powers killed by SAM. (miss distance: 3m)

00:03:02, SNR OFF THE AIR

Total, SNR On Air Time: 2min 19sec